Welcome to the Gatehouse of Fleet YMCA Drop-in Centre

Gatehouse of Fleet YMCA is committed to creating opportunities for the emotional, physical, spiritual and social development of local young people of all faiths, and of none.


About Us

The Drop-in Centre is a secure, comfortable, creative environment where local young people can meet together and take part in activities that they have helped to plan and to pay for.

Gatehouse of Fleet YMCA recognises the principles adopted by the worldwide YMCA movement, and follows the standards of the Equality Act [2010].  It bases its programme on the following:

• Treating people equally and respecting them, whatever their social or cultural differences
• Nurturing relationships among young people in an environment characterised by love and understanding
• Ensuring that conditions promote honesty, depth, integrity and creativity to encourage young people to feel included and confident
• Providing leadership and a programme which aims to improve young people's life chances in a changing world.

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