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Activities & Projects

Gatehouse YMCA


Monday 4pm to 6pm- Youth Café 

Wednesday 6pm to 8pm- Drop In Session 

First Monday of each month 6pm to 7.15pm Bible Study 

Every 2nd and 4th Monday 6pm to 7.30pm- 16 to 25 Group


  • Upstairs Chill Zone- We have recently received funding from the Rural Action Fund to transform our upstairs room into a relaxing space with fidget toys, bean bags, noise cancelling headphones and sensory lighting!

  • New Kitchen supplies and food- Thanks to the Tesco blue tokens, we have recently purchased many new kitchen supplies to increase the variety of food which we can prepare and serve at our Youth Café, including a new air-fryer! We also receive monthly food donations from Tesco Kirkcudbright to try out new recipes!

  • B&Q Foundation- We have also been awarded a grant from B&Q to upgrade our building! Updates and hopefully modifications, coming soon...

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